Garrett Wilcox

Fantasy in D Minor


Official selection of the San Luis Obispo Film Festival

This impressionistic parable revolves around Selah Cohen, a successful soloist who is forever changed by an unexpected tragedy. While putting her career on hold and wrestling with grief and regret, Selah discovers a renewed spirit of hope by confronting the past, setting her on a new course for the future. Death, that which all living creatures must face, brings into perspective what is imperative and what is eternal: love.

Film by Alex Miranda Cruz.




The Backup

Official selection of the 2018 Wisconsin Film Festival

In the confines of a private lab, a brilliant physicist puts her life on the line to prove her own groundbreaking theory. What she comes face to face with forces her to question not only the results of her experiment but the confines of reality.

Film by Daniel Kinney.

Fate of Heart

Fate of Heart Teaser.00_00_12_02.Still033.jpg


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